Accreditation and School Assessment

Accreditation Services

Accreditation is a vital process that ensures that schools meet the highest standards of quality and performance. At Lodun Educational, we understand the importance of accreditation and we are committed to helping schools navigate the accreditation journey.

Our team of experts has extensive experience in accreditation and is well-versed in the standards and requirements of various accrediting bodies. We work closely with schools to provide guidance and support throughout the accreditation process, including:

Preparation for the accreditation visit

We help schools prepare for the accreditation visit by providing guidance on how to gather and organize the required documentation and by conducting mock visits to help schools identify areas for improvement.


We assist schools in conducting a self-study, which is a comprehensive review of the school’s operations, policies, and procedures. The self-study is critical for identifying areas for improvement and ensuring that the school is in compliance with accreditation standards.

Action planning

We help schools develop action plans to address any deficiencies identified during the accreditation process and to implement the recommendations of the accrediting body.


We provide support for schools during the follow-up process, which includes monitoring progress and ensuring that the school’s action plan is being implemented effectively.

At Lodun Educational, we are dedicated to helping schools achieve accreditation and maintain their accreditation status. We understand the importance of accreditation and we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service. Contact us today to learn more about our accreditation services and how we can help your school succeed.